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Our projects focuess on education and helping children access and remain in main stream school. Whilst there are no boundaries to ability many children have to overcome enormous obstacles to succeed at school and we recognize that nutrition and good health all help their chances of success and we target our funding at these areas too.

Education Project

This project seeks to achieve the twin goals of enhancing the public school’s resources for supporting literacy development and for providing a basic Effective childhood care and Development (ECCD) servicefor 5 year olds through the preschool program. Click here to read more

OutReach Project

An important part of growth and development of the children is the outreach programs carried out at Banda children’s Ministry. We consider it essential that the children learn to bless others, in the same way as sponsors and supporters on the other side of the world have blessed them. Click here to read more

Health Project

Malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children here in Uganda. Many children suffer from malnutrition, and as a result their hair turns red and brittle. Their little bodies either become bloated or emaciated and they often die before the age of five. At BCM we would like provide; Click here to read more

Water Project

There is need for safe water, In Uganda nearly a third of the people lack access to a clean-water source as tap water is very expensive and only in urban centers .People use dirty water full of water borne diseases ,today we have an outbreak of Typhoid Click here to read more