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Help us get safe water

"support the community and make a huge difference in the lives of people in Uganda and please don’t forget to leave a message to let us know that you wish your donation should go towards the water program.


There is need for safe water, In Uganda nearly a third of the people lack access to a clean-water source as tap water is very expensive and only in urban centers. People use dirty water full of water borne diseases, today we have an outbreak of Typhoid which has taken many lives due to dirty water. This is the same water that has made our community slaves to poverty for decades-crippling health and live hoods.


There is one borehole in the community and everybody goes there. You will find many children in long lines spending most of the time waiting for water including school going children that have to attend classes. Other water source children of the community must walk a long distance to collect water from a pond shared by local livestock. The journey is dangerous, especially for girls, who are vulnerable to attack. It has not only afflicted our generation, but our mothers generation and those before…costing us thousands of school hours –either spent being sick of carrying heavy jerry cans filled with toxic water.


Healthcare: The community clinic is frequently visited by all the people in the society affected by water related illnesses. Clean water for our community means less heartache, sickness and poverty....and more health opportunity, stability and development. The reality is that a community can only be as healthy as water that sustains it! Together we can be part of the solution.