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1. $930 = 2790 meals, can feed children for a full month with three meals a day.

2. $ 310=900 Meals .

3. $30 = 90 Meals.

4. $15 = 45 Meals.



1.$30 can send a child to school for a full month.

2.$20 can buy a school uniform.

3.$17.50 can buy a school bag for an orphan.

4.$15 can buy shoes for an orphan.



$300 can provide for shelter for orphaned and vulnerable children for a full month




Banda Children Ministry relies almost entirely on donations and fundraising, and we are grateful for each and every donation regardless of the amount. Without you we couldn't do anything and your support really does make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and other projects. We have a team of volunteers, which means that more of your Donations help those who need it most.

Below we have shown a few examples of what your donation could buy in Uganda. However, we treat all donations as general income unless you ask us to spend your donation on a particular item.

Should you wish to restrict how your donation is used, let us know. We will do our very best to meet your requirements and will contact you if we are unable to do so



"A small contribution from you can rescue them a small effort

change their life

all changes begin with the FRIST STEP




For Offline Donations


BENEFICIARY BANK:Equity Bank Uganda Limited

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 1032200864614


FINAL BENEFICIARY :Banda Children Ministry



We kindly ask you to find the nearest WESTERN UNION Outlet and tell them that you are sending

Support to Banda Children Ministry in Kampala,Uganda, Phone number +(256) 700577430

They will give you a MTCN Number, Test Question and Answer that you will send to us to be able to receive it. By donating you make a difference with every DONATION. Also yu can click the button below to use the online WESTERN UNION

Be their shining beacon of Hope