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You can help us grow and prosper by sharing your talents.


Children are the most world's valueable resources and its hope for the future -John F Kennedy

Share your skills to help empower Ugandan children in need to transform their lives through education.

Volunteers are the backbone of Banda children ministry. Without them, much of the work we do would not be possible. Each year, our family and friends, our corporate partners and sponsors generously give their time, skills and energy to support our work with the disadvantaged Ugandan children and their families.


Our volunteer mentors support young people who are making the challenging transition from school to work or further studies. Our volunteer tutors help students to improve their literacy by providing basic English language skills to help vulnerable children in our communities. We are also assisted by a nationwide team of administration and project support volunteers who work behind the scenes to help with the day-to-day operations of Banda children ministry. You can help disadvantaged Ugandan children get the most out of their education and create a better future for themselves. Join our community of volunteers and help us to provide the support these children need.


Volunteering is rewarding and appealing. You will not only gain valuable experience but also help us to extend the impact of Banda childrens ministry and to fulfill our mission. You can help us grow and prosper by sharing your talents.

Join fellow volunteers and lend a hand, explore a host country, build global friendships and make a difference. Download our Volunteer Application here , fill it and there after send it to volunteer@bandachildrensministry.org