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The Farm Chicken

The chicken farm project, is to work as an income generating business for the widowed mothers in the community.


The chicken farm is a unique social enterprise model that we plan to establish as a project for gaining self-sustainability and dignity through enterprise. The project will provide the children with fresh eggs, fun and the supplies will be sold to help with the education for children it is to operate in conjunction with and in support of Banda Childrens Ministry This is one-of-a kind model for long-term sustainability relies upon focused donor support to provide the foundations of infrastructure and working capital to begin a broiler growing operation. Five eager locals will be picked to join the project. We will equip, train, and mentor them to offer a hand up in lifting their community out of poverty.

Our model won't only provides a way for five local families to become independent businessmen but it also accomplish the key objectives of breaking the cycle of poverty.